Thorin Danielsen

freelance linguist | interpreter | localization specialist


I'm Thorin Danielsen, a seasoned freelance linguist, interpreter, and localization expert based in Poland. I'm a native English speaker, fluent in Spanish and Polish. With my background in linguistics and years of teaching English to non-English speakers, I bring deep cultural knowledge and linguistic expertise to my work. With a knack for making connections and a love for understanding people, I use my language skills and teaching background to bring people together in our diverse world.



expert translation services covering a spectrum of materials—documents, books, websites, letters, dissertations, articles—from polish and spanish into english. count on precision and cultural sensitivity.

english language consulting

elevate your english content with meticulous attention to grammar, style, and tone. receive guidance refining your message for maximum clarity and impact, ensuring your communication resonates effectively.

language tutoring

language learning curriculum tailored to your proficiency level. explore the intricacies of spanish through engaging and practical lessons, with tailored feedback.

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